Hoodman Loupe

HOODMAN H-LPP3 Hoodloupe 3.0 Professional 3-Inch Screen Loupe

The Hoodman 3.0 Professional 3-inch loupe is a simple yet very useful device that provides the photographer with a significantly improved view of images on their camera's LCD screen.

By blocking out extraneous light the Hoodman Loupe enables one to view images on the camera's LCD screen outside, even under extremely bright conditions. No more running into the shade to check your pictures, the Hoodman 3-inch loupe can be used on LCD screens up to 3-inches in size.

Providing 1 to 1 magnification, quality German glass (not plastic) optics and a +/-3 diopter allows you to adjust the image to your own eyesight. This feature will greatly improve your ability to check focus, when employing a tripod, where it's most critical.

Small, light and easy to carry, via an attached lanyard, the Hoodman H-LPP3 3.0-inch loupe comes with a case and belt clip. Its a moderately priced accessory that I've found to be a great tool in everyday picture making. You may well find it a useful addition to your own camera kit.