Wounded Monkey In Ubud, Bali

A monkey, no doubt wounded by many battles, in the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali.

While in Ubud, Bali I stayed about a 10 minute walk away from the Monkey Forest. A dark, green and humid environment that supports (apparently) around 250 monkeys, divided into 2 groups, each with a dominant male.

Apparently the big guy's position rarely lasts longer than a year by which time the constant challengers by younger males will inevitably wear him down. So, to all you young folks out there, enjoy the spoils while you can. The clocks ticking!

This particular monkey was showing the signs of a hard life. Close inspection will show a damaged eye and a single canine. His movements also appeared less nimble than many of his compatriots.

I spotted our friend moving in my direction and waited for him to work his way up to a position in the frame that would naturally draw attention towards him. It was then just a matter of holding my patience until he turned back towards the camera.

The relatively shallow depth of field, achieve with an aperture of f4, allows the monkey to stand out from an interesting but, otherwise, potentially distracting background.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru