What Are Our Photos About?

An old stone bridge spanning a fast moving stream in rural Iceland.

An old bridge, grass, sky and flowing water. What more do you need for a great location for black and white landscape photography?

The image was made at ⅓ second at an aperture of f/13 and at a relatively wide-angle focal length of 32mm.

This photo was made in the early hours of the morning in rural Iceland. It was the light that caused me to pull the car over. An exploration followed to find suitable subject matter and a bit of scrambling was required to find a place from which to set up the camera.

There's a nice contrast between the softness of the moving water and the texture of the grasses and rocks. I love the stone bridge. I remember finding the sweeping nature of its circular undercarriage to be particularly graceful.

Content Is Not Always Obvious

You really don't need much to make a good photograph. That is at least as far as subject matter is concerned. But then content goes beyond subject matter and I'm sure that intent, inspiration and experience are far more important to the artist within us all.

I believe that our photos really aren't so much about what's in front of the camera as they are about the following:

  1. The person making the photo
  2. The relationship they have with what they photograph
  3. The connection their work makes with the viewer

It's a three way relationship, and three is a holy number. Just ask the Minbari.