Temple, Huangshan, China

A lovely Chinese temple at the bottom of Huangshan (i.e., Yellow Mountain) in Anhui Province, China

Surely one of the world’s most beautiful natural locations, Huangshan (i.e., Yellow Mountain) is an incredible place to visit and hike along well maintained pathways.

This photo features a temple at the bottom of the mountain, right near the car park. I made the photo moments before leaving the area after spending an amazing three days photographing and hiking across the various peaks that are commonly referred to as Huangshan.

When to Visit

I visited either side of my birthday in late January which, as you can see, is the middle of winter in China. Very different weather to what I’d normally be experiencing back in Melbourne where I currently reside.

As is the case with many famous landscape locations Huangshan receives literally millions of tourists every year. That makes tripod based photography from steep and narrow mountain pathways problematic. And that’s the reason I decided to visit very much off season. I plan to return and, while it makes sense to explore Huangshan at a different time of year, I’m not against another winter visit. As in all things, time will tell.

Photos and What We Remember 

There’s plenty of texture in this photo which, in my workflow, usually marks it as a potential candidate for rendering into black and white. However, in this case, I liked the muted, understated colors with the scene and decided they were worth exploring. A little bit of a tickle on the desktop moved the color palette towards a more vintage look. And I think that very much suits the mood I felt when leaving this most beautiful place. I can’t wait to return.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru