Photographing The Beauty Of Stained Glass Windows

An example of the spectacular stained Glass windows in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Hamilton, Australia.

I love stained glass windows and, one day, when I finally get my very own hobbit hole, I’II going to ensure that it includes some lovely stained glass windows. Secular or religious, it matters not. As long as they’re beautiful and speak to me of light and color.

Reflections of stained glass windows make for a surreal image in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Hamilton, Australia.

Photographing St. Mary's Catholic Church, Hamilton, Australia

I photographed the stained glass windows in this post at the local Catholic church in my hometown, Hamilton in south eastern Australia. The church was extended some time back and now features a more contemporary worship space, though most of the stained glass windows reside in the original part of the church.

A stunning detail from a stained glass window in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Hamilton, Australia.

I knew the old church quite well, originally being brought their on a weekly basis by my folks and then, later, during my days as a local wedding photographer. I’ve only been back a few times since the mid 80’s, including my dad’s funeral and then again for the baptism of my niece Rachel’s first child, Ashton.

A lovely black and white photo of a baby boy gazing out of frame.

We’re drawn to beauty when we travel to exotic cities around the world. But, more often than not, such beauty exists in our own neck of the woods. It’s simply a matter of being receptive and open to beauty, where ever it exists.

I’ve photographed stained glass windows in Paris, Buenos Aires and Chennai. And the ones in St. Mary’s Catholic church in my hometown, Hamilton, compare really well with those I've seen in churches and cathedrals in more exotic locales. What’s more, a visit back home allows me to spend time with my dear old mum, and that’s a huge bonus.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru