Photographing From The Heart, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai, India

What do you know about orphans? The above video details my approach to photographing young children in a convent-run orphanage on St. Thomas Mount, Chennai in south east India during February 2011.

Technique, approach, stylistic concerns and my own motivation for undertaking the project are explored (hint: there's a family connection).

It's my hope that, as well as providing great tips by which you can improve your own photography, this presentation will inspire you to undertake your own photography projects.

  • Our camera is far more than just a tool by which the photographer pays her way.
  • Our camera is a passport into exotic worlds and the lives of other folk.
  • Our camera doesn't just help us see the world around us. It enables us to portray how we feel about what we see.
  • Our camera is, therefore, the ideal tool of the diarist, the artist and the traveling wanderer within us all.

I wish you luck on your own journey of exploration. That which is both inward and outward bound.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru