Memories Past And Hopes For A Bright And Happy Future

Dave Burkitt, english explorer, adventurer and guide reminiscing about his time at Port Lockroy in Antarctica.

Here's a photo of a lovely man named Dave Burkitt at Port Lockroy in Antarctica. Dave is an English explorer and Antarctic historian who first visited Antarctica during the 1970’s.

Dave is a recipient of the Fuchs Medal awarded by the British Antarctic Survey and he led the renovation of the base at Port Lockroy, once a secret British military base and now a tourist stop on the Antarctica trail and Britain’s most southerly public post office

I visited the small station Dave worked at on a photography tour I co-ran to Antarctica back in 2010. Dave came along as a special guest speaker and was one of the zodiac pilots. I had a drink with Dave one night on the ship and I found him to be a really decent bloke: unassuming and humble.

Apparently his experience in polar regions, and the reputation that had earned him, meant Dave was being offered cruises all the time but, as he explained to me, he was getting older. Moreover, he was English and didn’t like leaving his garden unattended.

I really like the candid nature of this picture and how the old portraits of the Queen and Prince Phillip (Phil the Greek, as he's sometimes known) as well as the record player add to the nostalgia of the moment.

Dave was listening to an old tune at the time this image was made and the memories came flooding back, thick and fast. At one stage he even began to dance with a member of the crew.

To have lived such a rich and rewarding life and to be able to enjoy his retirement, in his own home and garden, is a dream I hope Dave will be able to enjoy for many years to come. It was a privilege to have met Dave Burkitt and I wish him well.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru