Lighthouse in Field, Iceland

A lighthouse stands, strong and alert, at the edge of a field in rural Iceland.

Under late afternoon light I found myself by the sea in magical Iceland. Prior to heading down to the waters edge I photographed this lighthouse. While the structure itself isn't so imposing, particularly from the distance and angle at which I photographed it, the cloud formations and the textural qualities within the field suggested it would look good if rendered in black and white.

Notice how the light and dark tones in the field, not to mention the mown pathway, help lead the eye towards the lighthouse. I placed the lighthouse right on the horizon and I positioned the horizon in such a way that allowed me to include those great clouds along the top edge of the frame.

I very much like the light and dark tonal transitions between the sky and clouds and I suppose the warm tone, black and white rendering also adds to the feeling of nostalgia we experience when we see structures like lighthouses, whether in photos or in reality. And, in this case, that's just fine.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru