Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland

One of Iceland's most spectacular sights, Gullfoss Waterfall in full flight.

Now here's a very special place: Gullfoss waterfall in southern Iceland. Located about 100km from Reykjavik, just off highway 1, the main road around the island, Gullfoss is easily accessible. From the car park it's about a 10 minute walk down a short flight of stairs then along a descending and, at times, slippery path to the top of the falls.

But, don't be in too much of a hurry, there's lots to photograph on the way down as the cascading river drops from one level of the falls to another. With the air full of spray, rising from the fast moving river, it's a very atmospheric location.

I arrived in the early hours of the morning but, with the benefit of 22 hour daylight during mid summer in Iceland, I was able to get down to the falls easily and photograph without too much trouble.

Unfortunately the weather soon become quite gloomy and I didn't get the benefit of warm light due to clouds blocking the low lying sun. However, the low levels of light required slow shutter speeds, which was ideal for recording the movement of the fast flowing water at this most ethereal location.

The image has been composed in such a way to describe the way the waterfall has literally cut its way through the landscape on its journey into and through the canyon below. Together with the spray rising up from the river far below, the shape cut into the earth by the falls and the adjacent grass-laden cliff further adds to the drama of the scene.

If you're looking for a great place to photograph the landscape, Iceland has it all. And the relatively mild weather and long summer days make July an ideal time to visit. Maybe, one day, we'll go there together.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru