Faroe Islands | It All Ended Well

The tiny, but dramatic island of Gasholmur off the coast of Vagar in the Faroe Islands.

I arrived in the Faroe Islands exhausted. A late final night in Copenhagen a very early flight meant I only had 1 hour in bed the night before.

I got into my hire car at the airport and headed off on a very narrow road to see the sites. After a short time I found myself in an interesting little village. And then the rain came down. I continued to photograph and, after a while, headed off towards what I was told was a lovely waterfall by the sea.

However, rather than backtracking to the main road, I decided to take a rather narrow, single lane road which climbed a cliff with a wonderful view of a few offshore islands. At that stage I didn’t know whether the road I was on continued back onto the main road or whether I’d have to, somehow, turn around and come back again.

I really was exhausted and having to drive on, what for me is the opposite side of the road, was really doing my head in. But, it was good to be traveling and making photos. I turned on the radio, started to relax and noticed the islands just offshore.

A few seconds later I managed to clip the edge of the road, only to discover that the overgrown grass hid a deep trench. I had deliberately moved closer to that edge to avoid driving off the cliff on the other side of the road (actually it was really only a narrow lane) and now I was in trouble and unable to extricate the car from the ditch. The undercarriage of the car had bottomed out on the road and anything I did seemed to increase the likelihood of damage to the muffler and exhaust.

Fortunately, within a few minutes a local came up the lane on a quad bike. He tried to help out, without success. He called a friend and eventually we managed to prop up and then rock the car enough to be able to get some traction and get it out of the ditch with no damage done. Neither of these guys would take any money for their trouble. 

Two hundred meters further ahead the lane joined the main road and I continued onto the deserted village and the waterfall by the sea that lies at the end of the road. After photographing the waterfall I returned to the car, while being harassed by arctic turns, just as it started to rain again.

It poured for several hours, but I’d fallen into a deep sleep after around 20 minutes. I headed back along the road past the airport and towards the capital Torshavn, where I arrived around 1 hour later.

By the end of my time in the Faroes I’d driven on most of the country's roads and was much more at ease with the narrow roads, tunnels and with driving on the right hand side of the road. On my last day I returned to the waterfall and also made some photos of the islands just off shore. The photo illustrating this post features the tiny, but dramatic island of Gasholmur off the coast of Vagar in the Faroe Islands.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru