Exploring Vestiges of Power and Prestige in Vienna, Austria

A highly detailed sculpture of two eagles and a royal crown in Vienna, Austria

Here's a photo of a sculptural element in a lovely park in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

I was wandering around in the calm of twilight when I noticed this impressive sculpture. I wanted to illustrate its grandeur, but struggled due to the fact that it was backlit.

Under bright light conditions this would have resulted in a silhouette. Fortunately the relatively low levels of light made it possible to make the image, although the result did look flat. The solution: careful image processing on the desktop.     

I've opted for quite a graphic rendering to emphasize the sculpture's shape and textural qualities. To this end I employed the following procedure:

  • remove all color by rendering into black and white
  • emphasized texture by increasing local contrast throughout the sculpture 
  • added a warm color tone for mood

I decided to opt for black and white for two main reasons: the prevalence of texture throughout the sculpture and the flat, uninteresting sky. It's a very graphic result which, while not pretty, does produce a look that I find appropriate to the power and prestige symbolized by this sculpture.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru