Photographers Searching For Creativity

A lovely, tree-lined path adjacent to the Melbourne Museum under late afternnon winter's light. Image made with the Sony a7R II camera and Sony/Zeiss 24-70mm f4 lens.

Folks often express to me their inner doubts about their own creativity, value and self worth. I’m of the belief that we all make our own reality. We may not always be able to control what happens to us, but we are the only ones who can determine what reality we create from the circumstances we find ourselves in.

I believe a more positive, hopeful perspective will allow us to do the following:

  • Determine how we feel about the situation we’re currently in
  • Better control the outcome of that situation
  • Ensure there is less likelihood of moving ourselves towards such difficult situations in the future 

The Trouble With Traditional Education

How is it that they don’t teach this stuff in school? Are we here simply for this realization to reach us on our death bed? Is this what life is about?

More and more folks are realizing the need to pull back from the madness that surrounds us: the emptiness of 10 minute news cycles; the pettiness and shallowness of many of our relationships; and the need to win at all costs. 

No wonder we allow poverty, domestic violence and insanity to breed largely unchecked in our society. It’s all too much when we can’t even take a moment to change our state (mind and body) so as to arrive at an almost instant and far more hopeful perspective. What’s the point of being in the developed world when we can’t even look after our own wellbeing, let alone that of those around us?

Yes, I’m Upset

I live in Melbourne, Australia and am appalled to see the growing number of beggars and hopeless folk. We can all do more, but it particularly upsets me to see folks sleeping rough outside churches. There was an historical figure who lived around 2,000 years ago. He represents different things to different people, but it’s commonly accepted that he lived at that time. How do you think he would feel about a major religious institution locking it’s doors at night while the poor and destitute try to sleep on the doorstep?

Surely it costs nothing to open the doors. If your worried about the furniture, then your worried about the wrong things. Have the church also lost their way and departed from their true purpose?

If government, religious organizations and charities got together there would always be enough shelter, security, food and counseling for the less fortunate amongst us. It can’t be that hard. It’s the lack of will and the inability of our own leaders to bring meaningful change to our world.

And we are responsible for the leaders we vote into office.

Change Starts With You, And With Me

What can you do? Speak your mind and take action. Baby steps lead onto more urgent and more deliberate action. And, as many have discovered, when you march you find your voice.

But marching not for all, is it? As creative beings we are in a unique position to use our art as a vehicle for change. Simply by helping to fill the internet with positive, life affirming words and images you'll be helping to bring change. And it all starts with one deed, one kind word or one photo.   

For those of us who doubt our own creativity the answer is simple. Stop thinking such negative thoughts and just get on with it. Put simply, you create by taking action.

It’s Okay, It’s Virtual

When it comes to digital it doesn’t cost anything to push the button and, on the desktop, undo, redo and delete means you’re not writing anything in stone. It’s okay, no animals will be harmed by you experimenting with your photos. It’s virtual and it's a necessary part of the creation process.

You are not your thoughts, so why let them control you. Free yourself from this debilitating notion and the power your conscious mind has over you. Say yes to creativity, and just get on with it.

Remember that the inner artist needs space, quiet and room to breathe and to dream. Dreams lead to plans, but plans can become an albatross without decisive action. It’s all about fostering a synergy between the right and left sides of your brain, and allowing your intuition to guide you along the path.

The left side of your brain is like your geeky friend. Value them and reward them for fixing your computer. It will make both of you feel better. But don’t spend your life there, that’s just not who you are. Failing to find your own true purpose in life is, to my mind, the ultimate failure. It is, after all, why you’re here.   

A long exposure of the popular Walker Fountain in the City of Melbourne on a wet, winters evening. Image made with the Sony a7R II camera and Sony/Zeiss 24-70mm f4 lens

So, Where To Start

The best cure for doubt, fear and lethargy is action. Get up and move. It was raining when I made this photo of the Walker Fountain in Melbourne, Australia while testing out the new Sony a7R II camera.

It all starts with getting up and getting out. Want to travel the world? Start by taking a walk around the block. You’ll be amazed at how action leads to a change of perspective and opens the door to a whole world of positive, life-changing experiences.

The world is a big place, but you don't have to travel more than a few steps out your door to begin to commune with the sublime. Trust your intuition, learn to go with the flow and discover the child within.

That’s where you’ll find your creativity, your inspiration and your passion for life. It’s where meaning and purpose live. And that’s where you need to live as well.

The world needs you almost as much as you need to find yourself. Take action and be who you were born to be.

Please feel free to share this post widely and wildly.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru