Mindset for the Creative Photographer

Gentle, grey light illuminates a small iceberg off the coast of Curverville Island, Antarctica.

Photography is a creative endeavor, but the photos you produce can also be a metaphor and a measure of how your life is going.

Why is Mindset Important for Creative Types?

Our mindset determines our reality. We are a product, initially, of our background: place of birth, age, gender, religion/spirituality, politics, ethnicity and cultural practices. We are also a product of our parents and the education system we spent a good deal of our lives surviving.

The Future is Now

All of that is, pretty much, written in stone. From that point of view we are unable to change our past. Yet we can determine our future, but only if we change our present. And, from a Buddhist perspective, the now is really all there is. By changing our perception of who we are, and the circumstances surrounding us, we are in the perfect position to create our actual reality, both now and into the future.

Our Past Is Valuable

That’s not to say the past isn’t important. It’s there so we can learn from our mistakes and so that we can identify and nurture the more positive aspects of our nature. It’s not about denying the past, but about remodeling ourselves so that we can live the life we were born to live. And by that I mean a life of meaning and contribution.

Potential and talent, when unrealized, are like giant albatrosses slung around our neck.

Lack of confidence, procrastination and fear are the enemy of all creatives. They are also our bedfellows. My suggestion, don’t sleep so long.

Do you love to travel? If so, how would you describe your approach to travel?  

  • travel = active = adventure


  • tourist = passive = sightseer

By choosing one of the above options you have, most likely, described your current life, whether at home or on holiday. But are you happy with your answer?

What Does Travel Mean To You?

Is it, primarily, about spoiling yourself with all manner of fine sights, food and accommodation; or is it more about the things you see, the people you meet and what you learn about yourself on route? Do you expect to be entertained or do you travel with the intention of seeking out experience by exploring and interacting with the unknown?

Life, Photography, Travel

As a creative person do you make sufficient time in your life for your photography? How are your Lightroom/Photoshop and social media skills. Are you doing enough to share your photos with the world, and are you making the time to share your knowledge and provide encouragement to others as they embrace the joy of photography along their own life’s path.

It’s a truly great time to be a photographer. To be a maker, not just a recorder; to be a teacher, who’s always learning; and to be a traveler, forever journeying

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru