Announcing Next Night Photography Workshop

Looking along a footbridge linking Southbank to the City of Melbourne on  a rainy night.

Nikon D800e camera and Nikon 24-120mm f4 lens @ 30mm. Exposure: 20 seconds @ f16 ISO 400

It's Time to Take Action

Due to popular demand I’m happy to announce my next Night Photography in the City of Melbourne Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday 26 March 2014.

Here's all the details

The Timing is Ideal

These workshops are a blast, whatever the weather. What’s ideal about this one is that with those long summer days waning sunset occurs at a reasonable hour, leaving us plenty of time for a decent night photography session afterwards.

Avoiding Unsightly Disturbances

A 9:30pm finish suits most folks better on a week night compared to finishing an hour later. The earlier finish is also better for traveling home, via public transport, or when asking your significant other half to drive in and pick you up. You wouldn’t want them rolling up in their jammies, now would you?

Need to Know More

Hang out with Like-Minded Folk

One of the best things about these workshops is that you get to experience and explore the beauty of Melbourne with your camera surrounded by a bunch of like-minded, enthusiast folk. And I’II be there to guide you towards making great photos.

The Guru’s Guarantee

I promise you loads of fun in this practical hands-on workshop. And you’ll come home with something to show for your endeavors: great photos that showcase your own, unique creative vision. I hope to see you there.

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Glenn Guy
Travel Photography Guru