Photographing the Mysterious and the Magical

A beautiful reflection in a still pool of water in rural Iceland.

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 67mm. Exposure: ⅓ second @ f16 ISO 100.

One Day Ends, Another Begins

I photographed this beautiful scene in a pool of water in rural Iceland. Made with the aid of warm early morning light, at the end of an all night photography session, I was fortunate that the absence of wind provided such a clear reflection.

Color Based Composition

While the shapes and textures of this scene would lend itself to rendering into black and white it was the contrasting colors of the warm golden rocks and cool blue water that drew my attention.

Mystery on the Edge of Reality

Reflections are, by their very nature, mysterious. It’s as though they exist as a kind of bridge between the seemingly opposite worlds of reality and abstraction.

A Window Between Worlds

I do not believe that abstraction is, by definition, illusion. Rather it is the realm of the sublime where transcendence occurs. And the experience of photography, like all art, provides us with a window onto that world.

Off to Ever Ever Land

If ever there was a country for landscape photograph it’s Iceland. Pure, pristine and largely untainted it’s a land of waterfalls, picturesque countryside and stunning light. An epic world where trolls reside along with the myths and sagas of the vikings who settled this enchanted realm.  

Glenn Guy
Travel Photography Guru