Travel Photography Guru New Video Outro

Wanted, Dead or Alive

Have you ever dreamed of being immortalized on film or video. Perhaps you've fantasized about seeing your image on a post office wall, just like Jesse James. I've often joked about such things. And now, here I am.

Let's Start at the End

I'm very happy to share the above video with you. At only 16 seconds in length it's very short, but well worth a look. I'm planning to use it as an outro for a bunch of new videos I'm planning to share with you. When you're ready to view it why not click the rectangular icon on the bottom right corner of the video to view it full screen. When you're finished simply click the same icon, or the Escape key, to bring you back to the normal view. I hope you dig it!

There's still one issue I have with this outro, but I'm unsure if I can resolve it. Although, as I doubt it will bother most folks, I may just have to get over it and move on - at least for now.

And What of the Beginning?

I have something a little more complicated and, actually, much more beautiful I'm considering as an intro piece. I'II share that with you in due course. For now I hope you like what you see.

What's Next?

I've been very busy over recent times trying to get my head around a whole lot of internet and marketing related issues. It's a slow process, but I'm setting there.

Over the next week or so you can expect to see a range of visual improvements to this site and, finally the introduction of my very first podcast. It's been a long time coming and I can't wait to share it with you. Going forward I believe podcasting will become a significant part of what I do and I look forward to having you with me on this next, exciting part of my journey in life through the art and practice of photography.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru