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Fences, Roofs and Walls, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 55mm. Exposure: 1/15 second @ f22 ISO 100.

I thought I’d take a moment to update you on changes occurring to this site over recent weeks.

Blog Post Layout

As well as a lot of backend changes, which you’re unlikely to be aware of, regular visitors may have noticed some changes to the blog over recent times. Individual post titles now incorporate a thinner font - a small thing, granted. However, each post now features larger text which I really hope will aid the legibility of my posts and make the process of reading each one more enjoyable.

A key concept coming out of the German Bauhaus movement was form follows function. The purpose of text is for it to be read, easily. It drives me to distraction when I find labels, instruction sheets, manuals or other sites where the text is so small it becomes near impossible to read. It’s a disgrace! The good news is that, with the possible exception of the legally blind, you’ll never experience such problems on my site.

Camera and Lens Info and Image EXIF Data

Some folks really like the fact that I include basic exposure information (i.e., shutter speed, aperture, ISO) as well as the camera and lens used to make each image posted on my near daily blog. I’m happy to oblige. The trick is how to include that information in a way that doesn’t impact adversely on the overall design of the post.

Over the years I’ve tried different options and have just introduced, what I believe, is a really good solution. The information is there, it’s just hidden from view. To reveal it, simply hover your mouse over the photo and the image caption, equipment used and exposure details will all be revealed. Move your mouse away from the photo and the information is again hidden, allowing you to view the image undisrupted.

What’s more to view the image, in all its glory, just click on it to view it full screen against a black background. You’ll find it well worth the effort.

Why not pop up to the top of the page and check these nifty features out.


I work hard to publish interesting and informative posts underpinned by beautiful photography. I’m conscious to mix up the nature of these posts to help keep the site fresh and relevant. Over recent weeks posts have included landscape, architectural and people based images. Titles have included the following:

  • how to photograph a face
  • photographing structure and movement
  • photographing shape and movement
  • photographing dabbled light
  • photographing haze and sunspots
  • photographing nature in the urban environment
  • photographing a rainbow
  • photographing a resting yogi

Blog Post Length

I’m also experimenting with the length of the posts. Some folks prefer short posts and, in some cases, are really only interested in looking at my photos. That’s cool! Other people want longer, more in depth posts that are information rich yet easily digestible. The solution I’m currently exploring is to vary the length and complexity of the posts throughout each week. If you enjoy what you read, but you’d prefer it either in a shorter or longer form, pop back tomorrow.

Night Photography Workshop

I’m very happy to announce my latest Night Photography Workshop in the City of Melbourne will be held on Tuesday 25 February from 7:45pm. This is a great way to learn new skills, with the help of an experienced photography tutor, in a small group of like-minded people. It’s fun and informative. Here’s a testimonial from a recent workshop. 

"Glenn epitomises what it is to be a pro photographer. He knows his craft inside-out which makes it such a pleasure to learn alongside him. His passion for photography shines through in these workshops and I've learnt so much just by listening to him share his in-depth knowledge on all aspects of photography from gear through to software.”

“Glenn is a brilliant teacher and a super nice guy which makes these workshops so enjoyable to attend. It was also great to meet other people who were at the same stage of learning as myself. Thanks Glenn!"

Travis White, Melbourne

New Photo Galleries

Please take some time to check out my recently updated photo galleries. Completely new photo galleries will follow over coming weeks. It’s all very exciting.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru