Panoramic Greeting Cards Now Available

It is with great pleasure that I’m able to announce the addition to our STORE of Panoramic Greeting Cards.

From Australia with Love

I'm really excited to offer this selection of ten (10) classic Panoramic Greeting Cards featuring landscape images of iconic locations along Australia's Great Ocean Road and Great Otway National Park.

For Lovers of Photography

All of these photos were made, old school, on Fuji Velvia 100F film with a Hasselblad X-PAN II camera and Hasselblad X-PAN 30mm ASPH lens.

Your Words Deserve Room

The inside of the card is completely blank providing a large, clean white space in which to compose your greeting, message or poem. 

While the outside of the card features a subtle gloss, to enhance image color and sharpness, the inside has a delicate matte surface that provides a pleasant writing experience. 

Greeting Card Size

The main difference between the two packs of greeting cards is their size. The larger cards are designed to fit snuggly into the standard DHL envelopes packaged with the cards. The smaller version of the cards, representing amazing value, feature different images and are designed to fit into the smaller, more intimate envelope supplied with each card.

Simply click on either of the photos in this post to see details as to image card and envelope size for each of these two different products.

What’s more by clicking on the photo you’ll be able to see decent sized illustrations of each of the ten (10) images featured in the series (e.g., medium or larger sized versions) of these cards.


Each card is folder into the panoramic format and packaged with a DL size envelope into a clear plastic sleeve for shipping. This ensures it's nice and clean when you receive it. All ten (10) cards are then placed into a single protective package prior to shipping to your home or office.

The illustrations below show the cards laid open so that you see both the front and back of the card simultaneously. When folder the photographic image is surrounded by a nice even white border on all four sides.

Why Blue Sky Photography? It’s another business name that I trade under. And don’t worry if the text looks a tiny bit soft on your screen. The actual cards themselves are very sharp, both the photos and the text. 

Each card is folded, placed inside an envelope and then into a protective plastic sleeve, prior to being packed into groups of ten (10) different images ready for dispatch.

Once again, the inside of these cards is completely blank and designed for a pleasurable writing experience.

I’m confident that you’ll love these cards. Here’s why?

  • They’re beautiful, featuring iconic Australian landscape locations.
  • They are printed to the highest quality.
  • They are beautifully packaged and will be dispatched to you promptly.

Purchased in packs of ten (10) these Panoramic Greeting Cards represent great value and provide you with a diverse variety of ten (10) different images to better illustrate the feeling or mood you choose to express when it comes to writing the card.

Your family and friends will love you all the more for such a lovely gesture.

And did I tell you the images were all made with Fuji film on a Hasselblad Panoramic camera. Wow!

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru