Fields of Gold

Farm shed and surrounding fields illuminated by the warm glow of sunset in Western Victoria, Australia

Back Story

This photo was made on the way back to Melbourne following a few days break over the Christmas period with family in my hometown, Hamilton. I’d brought the camera back and was really pleased to be asked to photograph an extended family portrait for an old school friend.

The Trip Back

I was a bit late leaving home and faced arriving back in Melbourne in the dark. That wasn’t a problem, except I really wanted to make a photograph of the Western District landscape on route. The light was actually pretty bleak and uninspiring as a drove past the usual suspects. Finally, just on sunset, the clouds opened up enough to allow a beautiful warm light through onto the landscape. I pulled the car over near Carranballac and was able to make the above photo with the last light of the day.

Subject and Meaning

It’s a simple picture, but I always respond to this kind of subject matter. It talks to me about hard working farmers and the nostalgia we often associate with country life. But, most of all, it talks to me about the transforming and transcendental nature of light.

Be There or Not at All

It’s very exciting photographing at this time of day. Sadly, the event is often too brief and you really need to be in the right place, set up and ready to go, with your wits about you to be able to make a good photo. In this regard Iceland is very much a landscape photographers dream. A beautiful country where the long days of summer see an extended sunset and afterglow followed quickly by a prolonged pre-glow and sunrise. If we could set our watches by the Icelandic golden hour we’d all live a very long and happy life.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru