Travel Photography Guru - Latest Additions to the Site

A fast moving bird, dwarfed by a gigantic iceberg, on a midnight sun cruise on the Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland

Well friends I've been busy over recent days adding new content to this site. As well as a number of blog posts this week, illustrated with photos from , I've also added the following:

Testimonials Page

Over the years I've worked with literally thousands of students. It's been great to have helped them along the way on their own life's journey through photography. My very much grateful for all the positive feedback, most of it verbal, that's come my way. It's always good to know that all the hard work and effort is both useful and appreciated.   

The fact is I've kept very little of any written feedback I've received. But I do have some positive comments from a range of folks that I'm happy to share with you here. In some cases the feedback relates to classes I've run and in other cases it's from folks responding to content (images and words) on this site. Testimonials from some of photography's luminaries will follow. As always I'm very appreciative of such feedback and I'm happy to share it with you here.   

Digital Darkroom and Image Workflow

I think you'll find this page useful. It details the software and hardware I use to produce my images. Memory cards and backup are also covered as well as important discussions on RAW exposure, single and multiple image workflow. You can find this page under the About Page from my site's Navigation section or my clicking here.

My Life in Cameras

This page lists all of the cameras I've owned over the years. Camera tragics will enjoy it, as will folks interested in film-based photography, be it 35mm, medium or large format. You'll find it here.

Glenn's Camera Kit

This short piece discusses my current DSLR camera kit and points to my next potential purchase.  Interesting! All the details are just one click away. As a matter of fact they're right here.

Tell the World

Look out for many more additions to this site over coming weeks. And, of course, I'II continue to produce ongoing posts discussing all manner of things relating to the art and practice of photography. As always those posts will be illustrated by photos from some of the world's most amazing places. 

I've blogged quite intensively for a number of years. It's a lot of work, but I do it in the hope that the content will both inspire and motivate folks to better document their own life in photography. To help ensure the survival of this site I'd very much appreciate it if you could use any one of the social media buttons on this site to SHARE the joy. Thank you!

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru