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Side street on a rainy day, Salzburg, Austria. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens  

Many of you would know that this latest iteration of the Travel Photography Guru site was launched around 2 weeks ago. Since then quite a lot of new content has been added, in addition to regular blog posts. If you missed the last notification outlining the most important additions and changes you can check it out HERE.  

But, according to Neil Young, Rust Never Sleeps. I have a few new additions which I think you'll find interesting, maybe even controversial. 


I've added a few new pages under the About section on the site.

The Legal page is, frankly, pretty dry. Nevertheless, it's something aspiring photographers might want to have a look at. Now I'm no lawyer, nor do I want to suggest, in any way, that I'm in a position to give advice about legal issues relating to photography or the operation of a photography blog and/or website. I'm simply unqualified to do so.

Nevertheless, as a blogger, I have the right to raise issues and express opinions as I see fit within the public space we know as the internet. Just remember that, despite years of experience as a practicing photography and teacher of photography, what I say about potentially legal issues should only ever be considered as my own personal opinion. Such opinions should not, in any way, be considered as qualified advice for you to act upon. Feel free to read the information I provide but, please, seek appropriate legal council prior to adopting or implementing similar strategies yourself.    

If you're interested in my site's Legal page you'll find it HERE

Creative Commons Usage

I have agonized for quite some time over how to make by images available through this site. Clearly, every one is free to visit and view any content on this site whenever they wish. But how I felt about usage of published content (i.e. images, text, video and audio) by others, outside of this site, required careful research and consideration. 

In the end I have opted for a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License. This allows visitors to this site to copy and share photos published on this site, providing certain criteria is followed. Click HERE for all the relevant information.  

Licensing Rights

I've also produced a separate page detailing Commercial Usage of Photographs published on this site. You'll find all the details HERE.  

Night Photography Workshop

But we can only exist in a legal bubble for so long. Eventually we all have to get out into the world and undertake photography. It's good for the soul and it makes you feel good.

I've just announced my latest Night Photography Workshop in the City of Melbourne. You'll find all the details HERE

Beautiful Salzburg

The photo at the top of this post is of a winding side street in beautiful Salzburg, Austria. Do you know I even played regular tourist during part of my time in Salzburg? It was a hoot as I got to visit some of the sites that appeared in the Sound of Music film. Such tours, when they're not dedicated specifically to photographers, are a terrible compromise. But I was on the ball and able to react quickly.

Good Manners are Important

Because I didn't exactly meet the usual group tourist demographic I made sure I informed the guide that I was a photographer and would need to linger a few moments longer than other members of the tour to be able to make my photos. I also apologized for the fact that, rather than hanging on to his every word as he gave his usual who/how/what spiel, I'd often need to move a little ways away from the group to make photos.

I did't want to be rude and, as a long time photography educator, I realize that distractions from within a group can break the concentration of other participants. And I say this not as a presenter with an over inflated sense of self importance, but as someone who always works to protect the vulnerable from the bully. And bullying comes in many forms, some of them very subtle.

It's important, under such circumstances, that the guide/tutor remains in charge so that folks get the experience and the knowledge that they've paid for. Thankfully the guide in question, an experienced campaigner, was extremely accommodating. And that's something that I very much appreciated and feel deserves mentioning here. In fact it's one of the positive memories I've brought back from my time in beautiful Salzburg. You simply don't forget such kindness.

The photo at the top of this post, however, was made very much on my own terms on a rainy morning spent exploring Salzburg backstreets. I figured the overhanging buildings would protect both me and my camera gear from the rain. It was really fun and I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography, history or architecture. 

Please keep checking in regularly. There are so many exciting additions coming to this site over coming weeks. And, as always, feel free to SHARE this post wildly and widely. 

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru