LensCoat LegCoat Wraps Review

Statues photographed in front of St. Basils Cathedral, Moscow with the aid of my Really Right Stuff TVC-33 tripod with LensCoat LegWraps attached. 

Do you find using and carrying your tripod to be a hassle? You're not the only one. After spending big bucks you have a right to expect that your tripod will perform it's duty by providing a solid and stable platform for your camera and, in so doing, lessen the chance of camera shake.

Great! You've spent the money and, hopefully, you've bought a tripod that delivers in that regard. But what's the user experience like? Is it uncomfortable to handle, particularly under extremely cold conditions, and painful to carry? And what about protecting it in transit? A dent or scratch can significantly lower its resale value, 

Good news! I've just added a short review to a really handy accessory from LensCoat

The LegCoat Wraps are a set of 3 individual neoprene covers that wrap around the top end of each of your tripod's legs to protect them from knocks and scratches, in the field and in transit, and to provide you with a much more comfortable experience when using and carrying the tripod.

As I say, it's a short review, but really valuable information nevertheless. I've been using LegCoat Wraps for several years now and really wouldn't want to use or carry a tripod without them. Click on any one of the above links to read my review.  

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru