LuminOdyssey July 2013 Photography Tour to Botswana

A former colleague, David Burren, is running a photography tour to Botswana during July 2013.


David and I met at a photography college in Melbourne were we worked for a number of years. During November 2010 David and I co-ran a photography tour to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and the Antarctic Peninsula.


Over recent years David has run a number of photography tours under the name LuminOdyssey. The Botswana 2013 tour is said to include opportunities for both wildlife and landscape photography.


Except for a stopover, which doesn't really count, I'm yet to travel to Africa. It's the only continent I haven't photographed, but it's most certainly on my list. David's tour looks interesting and might be worth considering, if you have the time and money to do so. Actually considering the nature of such a tour, and the very small number of participants involved, the price looks good.


I know July is not far off, but several places have just opened up, thus the reason for posting here.


Here's the link to David Burren's upcoming July 2013 Botswana photography tour.


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