Photographing Eagles Nest, Australia

Eagles Nest, Inverloch, Australia.

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 24mm. ISO 100 1.3 seconds @ f11.

Eagles Nest is a beautiful landscape location in Gipplsland, south eastern Australia. I had a few days at a friends weekender near the town of Korumburra (a taste of The Shire, to be sure) and spent the day this photo was made exploring the region between there and the seaside town of Inverloch.

Light, Shape, Texture and Color

I reached the beach a little while before sunset and very much enjoyed the shapes and textures that landscape provided. The above photo was made in the afterglow, just after the sun had set. The light on the rocks was soft and warm and provided a lovely contrast with the blue of the sky and water.

Playing with Perspective

You'll notice how prominent the rock is in this picture. Well, it does fill up about one quarter of the frame and it is positioned around the center of the picture. But, given that it's not actually that big, it does loom large in comparison with the cliff face not all that far behind it. What's the secret?

Moving in close with a wide-angle lens dramatically emphasizes foreground elements while making the background look smaller and further away. In doing so a great sense of three dimensional space is achieved. 

It's a special thing to be in the landscape near the end of the day. It quietens the mind, revives the spirit and enriches the soul. It's a great time of day to know yourself and to understand your place in this world.  

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru