Photography and Grunge

Factory of Color and Light 

Nikon D800e camera and Nikon 24-120mm f4 lens @ 26mm 

While photographic grunge is not my preferred style of art making I do recognize it's appropriateness to certain subject matter. This photo from mid 2012 was one of the first made on, what was then, my new Nikon D800e camera system.

Examining Beauty

It's ironic that, while I purchased the camera primarily for its ability to render extraordinary amounts of detail and tone, I found myself dirtying down the world to fit what, for me, is a fairly alien notion of beauty.

But I am who I am and I can't help seeing beauty even in, what for most folks would be, pretty banal subject matter. What can I say, I'm a romantic at heart.

Beauty and the Beholder

Color, light, shape and texture. They're in this image as much as they are in most of my other photos. The world is a most beautiful place and one of the great things about art is that it allows you to see the beauty in all things. An appreciation for light and the elements of composition, together with a little technique, are all you need to realize that vision.

Paris is an amazing city and Iceland is a spectacularly beautiful country. But beauty is everywhere and your own street or backyard presents plenty of opportunities for exploration and transcendence. Once you're off the couch and heading outdoors the world opens itself to you in the most remarkable ways. Go on, up and at em.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru