Golden Domes, Peterhof, St. Petersburg

Golden Domes, Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Now who doesn't like a golden dome. You'll find them atop churches and palaces throughout the world. Personally I find them particularly attractive when they're surrounded by the color blue. The photo above incorporates this very palette with great color contrast between the warm glow of the domes, crosses and rooftops set against the cool turquoise blue walls surrounding them.

The photo was made at Peterhof Palace, situated on the shores of the Gulf of Finland and not far from St. Petersburg, Russia. It's a lovely place to spend a few hours wandering around and the gardens, with water fountains a little like those at Versailles, are a real highlight.

When you're photographing with your camera tilted upwards it's natural for verticals to tilt. This is particularly evident in architectural photography. Sometimes the results produce visually dynamic results. Other times you might prefer a more nature representation.

Here's two simple tips that will help you render vertical lines straight.

Stand Back and Zoom In
The further back you go the straighter the vertical lines will photograph.

Perspective Correction
Both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW have a Lens Correction panel which allows for the correction of a variety of lens-related distortions. As the process results in part of your image been cropped it's important to frame your photo more generously than usual so that important areas aren't lost (i.e., cropped out) in the process. 

Whether your personal preference is for more realistic or visually dramatic representations of the world around you, it's important to understand and experiment with the options available. It might be that, without experimentation, you really don't know what you like.  

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru