A Reward At Days End

 Facade, St. Etienne du Mont Church, Paris, France

I discovered Saint Etienne du Mont Church in fading light late on my final night in Paris. I had only just returned from several amazing days photographing Brugge in Flemish Belgium and, after getting settled into my hotel, headed out to see the famous Pantheon.

Although it was but a short walk from my hotel the Pantheon was closed by the time I arrived. Nevertheless, I enjoyed photographing the exterior of the building at sunset. I then headed down the hill and discovered the lovely church pictured above. Once again the building was closed, so I concentrated on making some photos of the church's facade.

Making the Right Choice

The shapes and textural qualities of the structure were so dominant that a black and white rendering was required. I'm very happy with the result as I feel it successfully explores the intricate details within what is otherwise a highly structured design.

Do You See What I See? 

To better appreciate what I mean it's best to view all images on this site on a relatively large monitor. If you click on any of the images in my posts or galleries you'll be able to view the image at a higher quality. And, ultimately, that's what it's all about.

What Separates the Wheat from the Chaff?

One of the things that separates a hobbyist from an enthusiast or artist is passion. While the usual tourist likely plans their evening around dinner and, possibly, a show the serious photographer thinks only about making the best photo they can. Dinner can wait! That's right, even in Paris. As I've so often said, "You can always eat tomorrow".

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru