Typo on My Latest Luminous Landscape Article

Oh No, The Chips

Well the emails are certainly coming thick and fast.

My most recent article on Luminous Landscape has just been published. I hope folks are enjoying it.

Thus far the feedback has related to a typo I made which reads as follows:

"The larger the sensor the harder it is to produce a really shallow DOF. Crop sensor camera owners shouldn’t blame me, I'm just the messenger"

The second sentence probably suggests the typo in the sentence that preceeds it.

Of course the word 'larger' is a mistake. It should have read 'smaller'.

Sorry for any confusion and thanks for the gentle manner in which folks have broken the news to me. It's a testement to the readers of LuLu that the feedback was in no way critical. And I appreciate that fact very much.

I did check the article numerous times and I really don't know how I made such a simple mistake. Its disappointing and hopefully I can get the copy altered before there's any more confusion. That way folks might be able to concentrate more on the message behind the words.

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