Latest Updates to Travel Photography Guru Site

For all those folks that have asked for it I've just added a few cool little additions to the Travel Photography Guru site. Over to the left of the site, and just under the snazy new Travel Photography Guru logo, you'll notice Product Reviews and Industry Links panels.

The Product Reviews panel will feature reviews on a range of cameras, lenses and accessories.  At present the reviews are limited to a few Canon cameras but, over coming weeks, Nikon and Sony will also be represented. I expect the format of the reviews will begin to feature more interesting design, funcitonality and detail than is present today. But, as they say, Roma wasn't built a day.

The Industy Links section is a straightforward series of links, grouped into sections such as Camera and Lens Manufacturers, Camera Bags and Filters. These links will take folks directly to the main web page of our good friends at Nikon, Gura Gear and B+W, to name just a few. Its a series of shortcuts to help folks extend there research on products mentioned, promoted and/or reviewed on this site.

By the way, I hope you enjoy the range of minor design changes that have occured recently on this site. The overall appearance, from page to page, is now much more cohesive. I'm about 80% of the way to getting the site looking and functioning how I think it should. Just a few more weeks and we should be there. You'll then be able to look forward to the addtition of new portfolios and a more regular series of articles. I do hope that all this work will lead to an improved experience as you explore the variety of infomation and images available.

Finally, there's a number of new, exciting additions just around the corner which I'II expect to make available to you all within coming weeks. You can look forward to that large black space to the right of the new Travel Photography logo being filled shortly.  

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