Photographing the City of Melbourne at Night

The urban landscape offers great opportunities for photography. Here's a small series of images made in and around the city of Melbourne from dusk till late evening under a variety of different weather conditions. Nighttime adds an extra dimmension to our photography allowing us to explore notions of time, space and tranqullity in a way that might not be possible during busy daylight hours.

The technical challenges assoicated with photographing after the sun has set can be overcome with practice and, perhaps, a little coaching. Of course night brings other challenges, including a potentially greater risk to our personal safety and/or theft of our expensive camera equipment. A degree of street savy is required, as is a dress code that is comfortable but doesn't draw too much attention to oneself. Its important not to let your passion for your photography override your sense of awareness to what's going on around you.

For your first exploration of the city with your camera consider taking a friend along with you or, better still, enrol in a course with a group of likeminded folk and a tutor with the appropriate experience. You'll find the exercise a lot of fun and a great outlet for your own creativity.

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Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru