Product Reviews, Update

Just for anyone who hasn't noticed I've begun to add a range of PRODUCT REVIEWS on the left side of the page. You can access these reviews from any page in this site.

So far you'll see reviews for Canon cameras and B+W UV filters.

Over the next few weeks you can expect to see reviews on Nikon and Sony cameras, B+W Polarising filters and a variety of tripods including, of course, the one I use and recommend.

Other items slated for review include Hoodman Loupes, camera bags and a range of camera accessories.

Together with the INDUSTRY LINKS section, also on the left side of ever page on this site, I hope to make the Travel Photography Guru site into a more complete and informative resource to enhance your own understanding and experience of the art of photography.

Please feel free to leave a comment below or, alternatively, send me an email via the Contact Glenn link on the top left corner of this site. I'd be happy to read your response and eager to reveiw any products you're interested in purchasing.

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