The Crew, A Films Unsung Heros

Here's a brief  slide show showcasing some of the crew I worked with on the Australian Motion Picture film Summer Coda. Set in and around Mildura in the Riverina region of south eastern Australia, filming was conducted during December 2009, much of it under quite taxing conditions. If I remember right my first day on set saw temperatures reach 47 degrees Celsius. But, as they say, it was a dry heat.

Despite difficult conditions a quality product was produced and strong friendships formed. The above photos were made, behind the scenes, during downtime and between scenes. While I'm happy with the images I made of the actors, despite very limited opportunities, it's the photos of the crew that I care about the most.

It's only natural that actors and the director (Richard Gray) attract the most public attention. And some actors are genuinely hard working and decent people. Angus Sampson, with whom I've had the pleasure to work with on several occasions, is a case in point. Talented, professional and enthusiastic Angus is living proof of the beneficial effects a positive attitude can have on those around you: actor and crew alike.

As for the folks in the above photos they were all great guys to work with: very supportive and understanding of the needs of their peers. I was particularly impressed with their positive attitude and ability to get things done quickly and efficiently. They really were a first class crew and it was an honor to be able, through my photography, to place some well deserved attention on them. I see the photos as both great memories and recognition of the crew's hard work and professionalism.

To all my friends from Summer Coda, I enjoyed working with you very much and am glad to share some of these behind the scenes moments.

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Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru