Technology Can Enhance Our Lives

I'm so happy to have and, finally, be using my Apple iPad. I've been fortunate to have collected (that's how I see it now) a range of quality photography books. But, for one reason or another there have been many, many books that I was not in a position to have acquired over the years. That used to really bother me. But no more!

I'm not what you'd call an early adopter and, while I've had an iPad for almost a year, I was quite a reluctant user. I did understand the fact that so many books, videos, photos and music can be stored on this one, portable device is amazing. And the quality of reproduction, whether text or image, is, by today's standards, incredible. But it's only over recent times that I've really begun to dig this device.

As I get older I really want less stuff and less clutter, preferring to purchase quality rather than quantity. I used to love my books, in fact I had quite an attachment to them. But over the last year my mindset as changed. With overflowing bookshelves I now rarely buy books, and of course I haven't purchased a CD or DVD for ages. Do books, magazines, videos and music are now stored and easily accessible from my iPad and/or iPod. What's more, from my computer (Macbook Pro), iPad or iPhone I can stream content, via my Apple TV directly onto my large screen TV. I think my days visiting the local video store will soon be over.

Now that last paragraph may have been a revelation or a chuckle for you. You could be interested, maybe even motivated by this post. Others will likely be bored or maybe a bit embarrassed. You might be thinking "how old is this guy". Likewise you might think that this post had somehow got lost in the social media cloud and miraculously appeared about 2 years later than it should have.

My point is not that I didn't know about this technology and the potential lifestyle advantages such devices offer, nor is this a totally self indulgent diary entry. The motivation behind this article is a plea for other late adopters not to worry, but also not to tarry any longer. This new way of managing and storing data is no longer the future and the sooner you get on board the sooner you'll begin to appreciate the advantages offered. Just over recent weeks the changes to my lifestyle workflow has been significant. I'm very, very happy.  

As far as 2012 and beyond are concerned I'd hope that some of the classic photography monographs, like Emmet Gowin's Petra and Cape Light by Joel Meyerowitz will become available for download onto devices such as the iPad. Those images would simply glow on such a device.

So, as a way of closing, I'd like to quote the title of a track with lyrics dating back to 1893. Get Along Little Doggies from the 1940 film West of the Badlands staring Roy Rogers. You might like to check it out. 

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