First Light, Otway Ranges, Australia

Rural scene photographed at sunrise, Otway Ranges, Victoria, AustraliaCanon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 105mm. Exposure Details: 1/13 second @ f8 ISO 100. Here's a photo from a recent 2-day workshop I ran in the Great Otway National Park and along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Day 2 had us on the road where we stopped, temporarily, for a quick image or so along the side of the road prior to reaching our planned sunrise destination.

It was a lovely scene, but somewhat challenging to compose. There was a functional electric fence between me and the scene. So my shooting position was somewhat limited.

The warmth in the sky certainly drew my attention. But it wasn't until I saw the light reflecting off the water, together with the swirling mist through the middle and background, that I knew there was a photo to be made. There are a range of areas in the image that contribute to a cohesive result. There's the connection between the grassy hillside in the foreground, the stands of trees through the mid ground and the sky.

Perhaps a little more subtle is the connection between the water, mist and sky. These areas all share, at least in part, similar areas of brightness; have a sense of movement, whether real or perceived; and are connected by tinges of warm color from the still to rise morning sun.

This really is a wonderful part of the world for photography. But the lesson for the newbie is to target specific areas that can be reached without too much time or trouble. Otherwise you'll have a great weekend driving, but not enough time for your photography. So, if great photos are your intention, please take note of this advise.

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