Thanks for Caring and Thanks for Sharing

I just wanted to spend a moment to thank the regular visitors to my blog for your support.

Its now 12 months since I started to blog under the name Travel Photography Guru. During that time I've produced many posts and begun to share with you my own world view.

Long days traveling and photographing together with poor internet connections meant that I was unable to post during most of my recent Iceland and Beyond photography expedition. Nevertheless, since returning mid way through August I've been able to achieve my second most successful month since commencing this site. And that was achieved in less than 2 weeks. Extraordinary!

The growth of this site is central to my plans to reach an ever greater audience with ever improving content. By revisiting this site regularly and sharing my posts with your friends and colleagues you'll be making a significant contribution to those plans and helping to ensure the continuation of this site. That way everyone wins.

Thank you all again for taking an interest in my photography adventures and what I have to say about photography and the creative process. I look forward to continuing our relationship and hope to meet as many of you as possible in the not too distant future.

In Friendship,

Glenn Guy

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru