Ruins_Lake and Mountain_Iceland

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 98mm. Exposure Details: 1/13 second @ f13 ISO 100.

Talk about picturesque landscape - Iceland has it in abundance. We drove right up to this particular scene, right alongside Highway 1, in the northeast of the country. It was a beautiful day, I guess around 20C which, after coming from mid-winter in Melbourne, seemed ideal.

My friend Joseph and I spent time photographing the ruined farmhouse, in these amazing surrounds, for around 30 minutes. We photographed from the roadside, at different distances, and, as is the case in the image above, from the hillside across the road. I like how this slightly elevated position allows us to see the small farmhouse in relationship to its surroundings. By shooting from a lower angle some of the mid ground, in this case the water directly behind the building, may have been hidden by the farmhouse. So by shooting from a higher angle of view a greater sense of 3-dimensional space is revealed.

The sense of scale, evident by the farmhouse set amidst the larger landscape, illustrates the power of nature and the frugality of our existance on the edge of wilderness. In times past living there would have been a very remote and isolated existence.

Frankly, while a beautiful day, the light was not ideal for straight photography. Its late morning and the light is quite bright and flat. While it would have been interesting to have visited the site much early or later in the day, I still believe its worthwhile working the scene to try and make a good image. Its was both fun and challenging and, given the circumstances, I'm happy with the result.

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