The Road Ahead, Iceland

Iceland's Highway 1 cutting its way through the landscape as it takes tourist around this beautiful country Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 105mm. Exposure Details: 1/200 second @ f8 ISO 100

The above photo is from the first day of our road trip around Iceland. It had been a difficult day. We'd picked up the camper van the day before and should have been on the road first thing in the morning. As it was it was late afternoon before we were away.
What slowed us up was the purchase and set up of a satellite navigation device. We had expected to be able to hire one from our car rental company, but they had none available. So we decided to buy one ourselves. The next day we were led on a merry dance from place to place trying to purchase a suitable unit, eventually ending up at a large electronic store right next door to the car rental company where we'd picked up our vehicle the day before. We then purchased the device and a separate CD containing the Iceland maps. We were not in a position to do the necessary download and updates so we talked one of the salesforce to do it for us, in store. It proved to be a fairly long and laborious process and, frankly, I was wondering if it was all worth the effort. We'd lost almost a day and we hadn't even started our journey.

In the end the device was well worth it and, particularly for those venturing off the main highway (#1) that circumnavigates the island, up into the highlands or onto lesser roads you'd be courting trouble to do so without such a device. For the most part it performed exceptionally well and saved a lot of hassle. There were several times, however, when it sent us way out of our way, sometimes onto roads that should not be travelled. In one case we drove onto a shallow river bed with no road apparent on the other side. It was in the wee hours of the morning and we were in a very remote part of the country. We had no option but to turn back and make, from memory, about a 3 hour backtrack to where we should have been. But, again, overall it was the right decision to bring the sat/nav device along.

Once finally on the road the scenery outside the Reykjavik proved to be very beautiful. We decided to head around the island, with a series of excursions into the highlands, in an anti-clockwise direction. An hour or so out of Reykjavik brought us to a wayside stop from where this image was made. In retrospect it's symbolic of the adventure that lay ahead for my friend Joseph San Laureano and I and reminded me of great images from years gone by, in particular classic scenery from John Ford films and a photo from legendary American photographer, Edward Western.

Initial image processing was conducted in Adobe Lightroom 3. Adobe Photoshop CS5 was employed to convert the image into black-and-white and to apply a warm sepia-like tone.
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