Pic of the Week_Shopkeeper_Kolkata_India

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 32mm. Exposure Details: 1/13 second @ f 4 ISO 800.One of my favourite photographic situations is to work under low light at the edges of the day. In the early morning and around dusk time seems to move at a different pace and the act of photograph can become a meditative and transforming experience. The soft, ethereal quality of light at these times of day is key and an abundance of opportunities await the photographer tuned into the light and the environment in which they find themselves.

It's no co-incidence that many of the great photographs exploring The Human Condition or the beauty of our natural world are made under such conditions.

The above image was made while on a self-motivated photo walk around the back streets of a famous and popular Hindu temple in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. Light was low and it was a challenge to produce a sharp, hand-held image at 1/13 second. As I feel the addition of flash to be inappropriate when producing this kind of intimate image, it's important to be able to hold the camera still at such a slow shutter speed. As well as gathering light, the relatively wide f4 aperture helps to de-emphasise the background through a shallow depth of field. Working in close further decreases depth of field and allows for more interaction with the subject.

The whole process: gaining permission for the photographic event, directing and making the image was completed within 1 minute. I then thanked the gentleman and continued on my exploration spurred on by a feeling of elated calm. Thank you Kolkata!

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