Lumiere Channel, Polar Explorer, Antarctic Peninsular, Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f5.6 L series lens @ 80mm. Exposure Details: 1/640 second @ f 5.6 ISO 400.

Here's an image from a tour I co-run with friend and colleague, David Burren, to The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsular. This particular photo features a landmark along the Lumiere Channel which we sailed through on November 22, 2010.

The image was made from the deck of our ship, the Polar Explorer. Due to the speed at which we were moving and the wind experienced on the ship's deck I chose a relatively fast shutter speed of 1/640 second to minimise the chance of camera movement.

The light was exquisite and it was a joy to be outside witnessing and photographing the beautifully rugged landscape on either side of the ship. One of many highlights during the tour, I'm sure all who participated were living very much in the moment as we sailed through this sublime landscape.

The Antarctic, with the exception of intensely cyan/blue icebergs and snow stained deep red by penguin poo, is a largely colourless world. In this case I decided to opt for a cleaner, black-and-white rendering as opposed to the grey/blue light present within the original file. This decision is very much image dependent. Over coming weeks I'II be posting more images from the Deep South, some of which will be black and white, some toned black and white and others color.

It's a matter of studying the image and allowing it to guide you to the best possible outcome. Pre-conceived ideas simply get in the way. A photograph has a life beyond the scene or subject photographed. It's important to understand that fact and consider it for its own sake, as opposed to copying what's been done before or trying to match the look of the image with your own, unreliable memory from the moment the shutter was released.

A photograph is not reality. The sooner we understand this undeniable fact, the sooner we allow ourselves the freedom to make more personal, creative and interesting images. I wish you well on your own journey.    

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