Snowman Sighted on China's Yellow Mountain

At the end of the photography tour Dave Burren and I ran to The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctica Peninsular during November 2010 one of the participants, my friend Col, and I were involved in photographing a snowman, in Ushuaia, at the very bottom of Argentina. In that case the snowman was a yucky sweet piece of confection. Last week I happen across two snowmen, of the frozen water variety, while trekking across the top of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Eastern China. Each time I though of my friend, Col. So these pics are for you, old son.

In each case the snowmen were freshly made and, for want of a better term, displayed quite quirky personalities. The first snowman, due to its rather diminutive size, seemed more like a snowboy. A kind of Cartman for fans of the American animation comedy, South Park.

The second, and larger snowman seemed to display more of an oriental disposition, with ears a little bit like Yoda's. Maybe it was the altitude, the cold or all the walking up and down steep mountain trails. Either way it was fun. And photography provides many ways by which we can both document our world and gain a better understanding of ourselves.

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