Upward to the Canopy-Gold Coast Hinterland

A beautiful photo looking up towards a green canopy in the Gold Coast Hinterland, QueenslandLeica M9 camera and Leica 24mm f1.4 M-series lens. Exposure Details: 1/60 second @ f5.7 ISO 100

This scene, made in the Hinterland just inland from the Queensland Gold Coast, is quite a complex. That makes it hard for the viewer to either navigate their way through the scene or focus their attention on a particular focal point.

To help overcome this problem I made sure I focused my lens on an area that was illuminated. I then framed the scene in such a way so that the area in question was positioned on the rule of thirds. You can see the highlighted area in question in the top left of the frame. I also positioned myself so that the tree trunks are providing leading lines from the bottom of the frame up towards this section of the frame. The fact that the majority of trees and leaves that surround our subject are dark also helps lead the eye to our 'hero'. Not a great image, but a simple way to make sense of an otherwise complex and hard to view scene.

Photography is rarely about photographing amazing scenes. Rather its about making good pictures at interesting places that, for whatever reason, may not be particularly photogenic. It was a bright, hot day which produced very high contrast. Not ideal conditions for landscape photography. Nevertheless a bit of technique allowed me to produce an acceptable result and a reasonable representation of what was a fun exploration of the rainforest.

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