The Goal of Continuous Improvement

We are all time poor. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do what we want to do. I'm both conscious of this fact and appreciative of all the folks who regularly visit my site. What I need to do is to make the experience worth your effort. Since its inception this site has been driven by my desire to produce regular and high quality content. Now that the site is established it needs to grow to a new level of sophistication. Differernt forms of content, improved navigation and an enhanced user interface are central to this growth.   

From an architectural point of view this site serves two primary purposes. It's a blog with regular posts designed to educate and inspire my readers. Blogs, by their nature, are organic and ever changing. A blog that is not regularly refreshed with new posts/content simply dies.

But this site is also a website containing some of my photography portfolios, podcasts (coming soon), photography workshops and tours.

I'm constantly making changes to this site to enhance your experience and ensure you can navigate your way through the wide range of information contained. The most recent change is a drop down menu under the Tours and Workshops heading. It's located along the top of the home page. Simply hover over the heading and then clck on either the Photography Tours or Workshops options to check out up and coming events. Here are some examples:


  • Night Photography in the City of Melbourne workshop schedule for Wednesday, November 23rd
  • CHINA Photography Tour January 2012  


The are many more changes coming to this site before the end of the year. Like those mentioned in this post, many appear simple and, in isolation, may not deserved much fanfare. But as a package of changes they will take this site to a far better place and provide a considerably improved experience. "Your time is important to us" (can you believe I just said that).

Stay tuned and please let me know what you feel about these changes as they're revealed.

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