Announcing New Iceland Portfolio

Those folks interested in landscape photography should check out my new Iceland Portfolio. The images were made during the first few weeks of July, 2011 and the portfolio includes waterfalls, rural scenes, geothermal activity, animals and wildlife and coastal scenes. There's even a few graveyards, one photographed during the wee hours, to stimulate the senses.

And this is just the beginning. More images from Iceland will follow over coming weeks.

I loved Iceland and am beginning to think about a return trip there during the middle of next year. I'd love an extended stay of several months, but we'll have to see whether that's possible.

And the news gets even better. You can look forward to new portfolios form Greenland, France (Paris), Austria, Russia, Inida and Bali before the end of November. And by the end of the year I'II finally be able to post my Antarctica and South Georgia Islands portfolios.

Are you excited! Just pop over to the Portfolio section of this site for a look.

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