Photography Is Light

Photo depicting the view down to the icefjord, at sunrise, near Illussiat in GreenlandCanon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 70-200mm f4 L series IS USM lens with Canon x 1.4 Extender @ 108mm. Exposure Detals: 2.5 seconds @ f11 ISO 100

The word photography comes to us from Ancient Greek. It translates as light writing, drawing or painting.

Pick your favourite, the one you find to be the most poetic or inspiring, and remember it every time you make a photograph.

Light acts to identify and define the subject. And where there is no light, there is shadow. Shadows enhance the subject by providing a greater sense of 3 dimensionality, shape and contrast. There's an interesting mantra that's going around the photographic traps these days which may help you to understand the relationship between light and shadow. Light illuminates, shadows define. Why don't incorporate that into your own photographic vocabulary.

Light and shadow are dualities (opposites). Careful composition and control of contrast will allow you to use light and shadow to produce a well balanced, harmonious result.

Today's photo was made at 3:39am near the end of a hike near Illussiat in Western Greenland. It's a very interesting place, lying on the edge of a wilderness, with just enough of a wild-west feel to appeal to an old backpacker like me. 

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