Nov/Dec 2011, Latest News and Events

Well folks, from the outside it probably appears that this site has been a little quiet over the last week. In fact I've spent an enormous amount of time working behind the scenes to improve the look and performance of the site. Let's just say I've gone to bed after sunrise most days this last week. But its been worth it and I'd like to summarise the main changes as follows:


  • There's a new Contact Glenn icon on the top most navigation bar. Just click on that icon to bring up a simply form which will allow you to send a message directly to my email account.
  • As part of a mid term project I've spent a geat deal of time cleaning up the look of my blog. Most changes are subtle, but should make for a more pleasant user interface. Most of these changes are evident on the Blog section of this site. I'II wait and see how it looks, and gauge your reponse, prior to bringing similar changes to the rest of this site.
  • If you haven't already done so please check out the Portfolio Sections of this site. The Iceland and China sections are new and feature loads of landscape, architecture, portraiture and down-right quirky images. A Greenland portfolio will follow shortly.
  • As its just such an important part of my site I plan to do a lot of experimenting to enhance the look and functionality of my portfolios over coming weeks.


Now for the exciting news:


  • I'II be announcing a FREE photography Photo Walk over the next few days. The walk will likely occur on either a Sat or Sun over the next few weekends.
  • A full-day Portrait Photography Workshop for either late November or early December, 2011- details to be announced as soon as I have the venue secured.


But wait, there's MORE


  • A brand new, FREE Report titled 'Which Camera to Buy' will be available for download from this site by the end of the week. It's been a long time coming and very much a labour of love. I can't wait to share it with you.


Please check back over coming days for confirmation of these exciting announcements.


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