Night Photography in the City of Melbourne - Workshop, Wednesday October 26th

Ferris wheel and city skyline at night, Melbourne

Are you interested in making great photographs in the city at night time? I’m very happy to announce the next dates for my Night Photography in the City of Melbourne workshop. The workshop will be conducted outdoors. Participants will be sent notes prior to the session that will cover basic technical concepts and some suggestions for preparing for the shoot. Tripods are recommended, though not essential.

- - - - - - - -Wednesday October 26th 2011 - - - - - - - - - 

Workshop Description

This workshop provides a great introduction to the world of outdoor photography at night. The great advantage of night photography at this time of year is that we can start soon after the working day finishes and still be home at a reasonable hour. Not unlike a night out at the movies.

Course Content

  • Maximize opportunities by making the existing light, both natural and artificial, work for you
  • Experiment by photographing moving objects within the still frame
  • Gain an understanding of your camera’s ability to shoot at high ISO’s
  • Portray architectural elements in exciting ways
  • Work creatively with reflections
  • Have fun working with a highly motivated tutor and like-minded participants

To enhance learning emphasis will be placed on a hands-on practical approach.

I’m there to help and advise.

Course Outline

Do you fit the demographic?

This workshop is intended for photographers with a basic to intermediate understanding of their camera. Have fun photographing with a group of like-minded folk and be able to raise your photography to the next level through enhanced technique and creativity.

The course includes the following:

  • Practical Photography session
  • On site information via One-on-One discussions and group-based huddles
  • Extensive Notes (supplied pre-workshop)

As participation is limited to a maximum of 10 people, its best to avoid disappointment by booking early.

Please feel free to contact me by email should you have any specific inquiries.

Although the exact itinerary may have to be altered on the day I expect the program will run as follows:

6:00-6:30pm    Meet and photograph from Princes Bridge

The bridge, situated on St. Kilda Road, crosses the Yarra just south of Flinders Street Station. We will meet on the footpath over looking the Yarra and Southgate.

Folks arriving on time have the option of greater one-to-one access.

If you don't have a tripod, you'll particularly enjoy the earlier start.

6:30-8:30pm    Practical Photography
Birrarung Marr, The Yarra River and Southgate

By now everyone should have arrived so our 2-hour session begins.

We walk the short distance and photograph the illuminated structures along Birrarung Marr, prior to setting up for some iconic views of the Southgate precinct.

I'II work hard to help you make great images and will encourage you to explore the various iconic landmarks as creatively as possible.

Course Outcomes

• Gain a better understanding of the equipment and techniques required to produce great images of night scenes under a range of different lighting conditions

  • Stimulate your own creativity
  • Produce a range of interesting and exciting images

Angel Statue photographed at night time, Birrarung Marr, Melbourne


An intermediate level of understanding of your camera is required. In particular an ability to use either Manual (M) or Aperture Priority (A or AV) exposure modes and, if required, Manual Focus.

Helpful Hint:
Practice being able to adjust Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO without taking your eye away from the viewfinder. All 3 of these functions are visible at the bottom of your viewfinder display. Understand what dials and/or buttons change these critical camera functions and get used to seeing them change by watching the updated LED display in the viewfinder.

You may benefit by bringing along a small torch or headlamp, as it’s hard to find black buttons on a black camera body at night.


You’ll receive a comprehensive set of notes that covers much of the material covered in the workshop. This will be provided to you, via email, a few days before the workshop.

Federation Square, Melbourne photographed at night

Where and When?

This fun and informative workshop will take place on the following dates:

- - - - - - - - Wednesday October 26th 2011 - - - - - - - - -


Glenn Guy owner and operator of Travel Photography Guru

Tutor Profile

Glenn Guy’s 30 year plus photography life stream includes documentary and travel; landscape; education; publishing; newspaper; wedding/portrait; film and TV stills; photo retail, manufacturing and wholesale.

Glenn’s passion for photography and travel has resulted in many photography adventures, both in Australia and Abroad. His fine-art prints are exhibited and collected at both private and corporate level. Glenn has completed his Master of Arts (photography) at RMIT and is an Associate Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).





•    An interchangeable lens DSLR camera with a fully charged battery and empty memory card.

•    A sturdy tripod is desirable. However, if you don’t have one, high ISO shooting will often allow you to produce very acceptable results. If you find you have an affinity for night photography you can purchase a tripod at a later stage.

•    A fast, fixed (prime) lens is ideal for low light photography, often negating the need for a tripod.

•    An external portable flashgun, with fresh batteries, is by no means essential, but may be useful if you have one.


The fee for this workshop is $88 (including GST)

To register for this seminar please send your name, email and phone numbers, and the workshop date you plan to attend to Glenn Guy at

Registration will be confirmed once your payment has been processed.

Payment must be made in advance and your space is not confirmed until payment has been received, in full. Please contact me directly at for payment options.

The Fine Print / No Refund Policy

Please be aware that, due to the low cost of the course, if , for whatever reason, you are unable to attend refunds and/or transfers are not possible.

I will be there to conduct the session, regardless of the weather. We may have showers, which usually present fantastic photographic opportunities, but the chances of it raining heavily for the entire session are extremely unlikely.

Professional photographers rarely have an opportunity for a re-shoot. The skill is to make the best out of the situation and a positive attitude, plus a little extra care, is often all that's required to make wonderful images under difficult conditions. Of course you should wear/bring clothing appropriate to the weather. (It's not all that hard to pack a jacket, raincoat or unbrella). In fact we're unlikely to be any further than 200 meters from substantial cover should the heavens break. I also look at such occurances as an opportunity, not a burdon.

This seminar is limited to 10 participants and is expected to sell out quickly. Please ensure your place by booking promptly.

I very much appreciate you visiting my blog and would love to help you along the road on your own photography journey. I run a number of photography workshops and tours through the year. Maybe this is the right one for you. And, at $88, the risk is minimal while the rewards could be wonderful. Or you could just sit on the couch and watch the tube.

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