A Beautiful Drive

Last weekend I travelled home to Hamilton in Western Victoria for my older brother Brian's 50th birthday. It was a great night at the local greek restaurant, Izzi's. Brian made a great speech as did his oldest son, Matthew, and Brian's long term friend, Mick. Towards the end of the night my younger sister, Gabrielle's, son Daniel sang and played a few songs, including some self compositions. I'II post an image of Daniel in action tomorrow.

I spent most of the night with some of my younger nieces and nephews. The following day I had a great talk with my dear old mum, Mary.

Most of Australia has suffered from a prolonged drought. Thankfully winter rains have been plentiful  throughout most of the country, including the Western District. I had been so busy lately, finishing off a major project and beginning another, that I struggled to get out of bed and get organised for the trip home. Frankly I was exhausted.

But rejuvenation came with a great weekend. It all started with a relaxing 31/2 drive home. As always I  was pushing the clock so, while I had no time for photography, the verdant green landscape and often full dams put me in a very positive state of mind.

On the journey back to Melbourne I made a few quick stops to make some photos. The image at the top of this post was made just outside of Dunkeld the town that marks the southern most end of the Great Dividing Range. The iconic scene features, from left to right, Mt. Abrupt and Mt. Sturgeon. I was fortunate that the light illuminated the yellow fields in the mid ground, which provided a strong color contrast against the cool cyan/blue sky.

The above picture features a huge storage vessel in the tiny town of Westmere. It was dusk and the cool cyan/blue of the storage cover and sky dominates the composition. In fact the subject matter of the image is really color: the color of the subject and the color of the light which, in this case, is very, very similar. This image was made under the failing light of dusk. Within a few minutes it was pitch dark.

Two great drives, a wonderful family celebration and some time photographing a familiar journey made for a fantastic weekend.

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