Photographing a Melbourne Seaside Pier at Night

Straddling Port Philip Bay Melbourne’s plethora of beaches provides great opportunities for photography, at any time of day.

The above picture was made, well after sunset, at a well-known location on the bay. The pier was illuminated with overhead artificial lighting that highlighted the structure and produced a variety of tones helping to lead the eye through the frame.

The bright star-like effect is achieved, when shooting towards relatively small, bright lights at a very narrow aperture (e.g. f 22 or narrower). It certainly adds impact to the image. The same is true for the shadows that separate the lit water and horizon and provide shape to the image.

Adobe Lightroom 3 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 were employed for basic image processing and to render the original color image into black-and-white.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography