A New Look and a New Name

Welcome to my new site. Part blog and part website I hope you like the look of this new, one stop location that, over coming weeks, will provide a range of options by which you'll be able to increase your enjoyment and understanding of the art of photography. There are a number of important points, regarding this site, which I can outline as follows:

  • As part of a re-branding process I now trade under the name Travel Photography Guru.
  • You can reach this site at travelphotographyguru.com
  • The site currently includes all my blog posts from my days on blueskyphotography.wordpress.com
  • Over the next few days I'II be adding more functionality to the site which will allow you to search through the large range of articles previously posted on the older blog site and receive notification of recent posts via email, RSS and a range of social media including Twitter and Facebook.
  • New to this site is the PORTFOLIO section, a range of galleries covering some of the trips, expeditions and projects I've undertaken over the years. Still under construction, the Portfolio section will be updated regularly over coming months.
  • Sections covering upcoming Photography Workshops and One-one-One classes will be added be the end of this week.
  • A special, new educational product will be announced by the end of the week. This one has been a long time coming and I'm quite proud of it.
  • More exciting announcements over coming months.

Thanks so much for all you patience over recent weeks. I expect to be tweaking the site quite a bit over the days and weeks ahead. But I'm back and will be posting most days of the week.

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Glenn Guy