Fisherman_Central Victoria

Soft Light and a scenic location for this photo of a fisherman in action Canon 5D camera and Canon 180mm f3.5 L series lens. Exposure Details: 1/20 second @ f3.5 ISO 400.

I made the above image of a fisherman with the last light of the day. I positioned myself low to the ground and timed the shot to coincide with the fisherman casting his rod. The shallow depth of field emphasizes the fisherman and separates him from his surroundings, while the color of the water ties in with that of the sky, highlighting the image’s 3-dimmensionality.

I love landscape photography. In this case the fisherman enhances the image by his position in the lower corner of the frame (looking into space), by adding a human element and providing a sense of scale to the scene.

It had been a long and busy day and the opportunity to photograph this scene was indeed fortune. It even made my arrival at a local pub too late for a meal worth it. Really, it did!

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography
Glenn Guy